One DOZ opens the doors of telecommunication.

Internet access is a real development issue. In the last decade Internet connectivity on the African continent has increased enormously and since 2015 29% of Africans are Internet users. Mobile phone networks, which now cover a large part of the continent, have promoted internet access, even in remote areas.

However, despite these figures confirming the progress of Internet penetration, about 872 million Africans are still not connected.

The majority of African Internet users living south of the Sahara use a mobile to surf the Net.

Three reasons explain this phenomenon:
  1. The cost of computers and tablets
  2. The weakness or nonexistence of the wired network
  3. The high cost of ADSL fee

To answer these problems, One DOZ offers you the following services:
  • Provision of Internet access in rural and urban areas
  • Payment solutions for really consumed data (One DOZ concept)
  • Sale of VSAT equipment and accessories for ease of use


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